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I watched Satvik perform in front of an audience with a sizeable age range. His incredible tricks effortlessly kept every single person, whether they were 5 or 55, completely entertained! Satvik’s ability to distract even the most skeptical audience member with his charm and humor, all while pulling off complicated sleights of hand, is truly astounding. Satvik is your guy for all things magic!

Sruthi Vedantham

Satvik is a great magician, and is very creative with his performance. He’s great at interacting with the audience and keeping them engaged with his camaraderie. The liveliness of the show makes you eager to figure out his tricks.

Nikila Alagar

Satvik is a great magician, who always managed to impress me over and over, with his cool tricks and fun and exciting ways of performing them. I would highly recommend him for all your shows.

Noam Amar

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